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Update Wallet passes (send push notifications)

Using Passcreator you can either update an individual pass, a selection of passes or all passes at the same time by updating the template. The change you make to the pass will be displayed as push notification on the users device.
Detailed information about push notifications can be found here: About Wallet push notifications

Update all passes

To send a push notification to all of your users, edit the template of your Wallet passes. To do that either click edit on the dashboard or on the detail view of the template.

You can now change the content of your template. All changes to textfields will be displayed as push notification. If you change images, time or location data the change is done silently in the background without notifying the user.

If you're done editing, save your changes. Passcreator will automatically show that there are unpublished changes for your template. To publish them click on Push changes to devices.

The changes will be published to all devices that have saved the pass within a couple of minutes.

Update an individual pass

To update a single pass click on Created passes in the menu on the left and search for the pass you want to update.
Click on Update pass. Passcreator will show the current info of the pass. Update the information that you want to change and click on Update and send push notification. Please note that changes that have been made to the template will also be pushed even if they haven't been published yet.

Update passes with bulk processing

If you want to update many passes at once you can do that using the bulk processing jobs. You can update segments of your passes.

To update passes with bulk processing you need to create a CSV file that contains all data of the passes after the update. The process is similar to the bulk creation jobs. Keep in mind that you need to use either the IDs you've used when creating the original passes or the IDs that Passcreator is using internally. To get these IDs, use the export features of the pass detail view.

When creating the bulk processing job make sure you select Update passes as type. Otherwise new passes will be created.

Within 15 minutes the passes will be updated.

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