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Create Wallet passes

How to distribute Wallet passes

After you've created a Wallet template you can start creating passes and distribute them to your users smartphone's.

  • Create an individual Wallet pass anytime to add a user to your list
  • Create a landing page to let user's enter specified information to receive a pass
  • Import your user's data by bulk processing job (upload a CSV file with your list)

Create an individual Wallet pass 

A single pass is created usually when you want to test the pass on a smartphone or want to send a pass to a customer.
To create a single Wallet pass, go to the dashboard and click on "Create pass from template" next to the name of the template.

You'll have to specify the data that is needed to create the Wallet pass. After you've done click on Create pass.

Create new Wallet pass in Passcreator

You'll now see three options. You can either open the link to your pass in a new window. If you're on a Mac you can save it and it will show up on your iPhone if the iCloud synchronization is activated for Wallet. You can download the pkpass file directly and also save it if you're on a Mac or send it via email or you can send the link via email. It will open an email window that already contains the link to your pass.

Landing page

Passcreator allows you to create landing pages that are publicly accessible (e.g. You can send this link to your customers or distribute it on social networks which allows you to e.g. generate more leads while giving your leads a benefit for providing their data.

To create a landing page for your template, select your template on the dashboard and click on "Create landing page".

Create Landingpage for Wallet passes in Passcreator

Now you need to specify the following data to set up your landing page:

  • Name - the name of your landing page. This will be used as headline
  • Layout - dark or light; defines if the menu bar is shown in dark-grey or light-grey.
  • URL - every landing page starts with the part after that can be defined which is what you need to do here. If you enter my-landingpage the complete URL will be
  • Label of Link to your Webpage - we'll show a link to your website in the menu. This is the label of the menu.
  • Link to your Webpage - the URL of the webpage you want to link to e.g. your website or Facebook fan page.
  • Description - Rich text you can use to describe or promote your offer. You can format the text, insert links or images.
  • Show social media buttons - if activated we'll automatically display buttons to share this landing page on social networks.
  • Landing page is active - if you activate this checkbox, the Landing page is published. If the checkbox is not set only you'll be able to see it after you've logged in to Passcreator.
  • Upload logo - Upload the logo that should be shown on the landing page.
Specify properties for Wallet passes Landingpage

The following screenshots show and example landing page on desktop and mobile devices.

Landingpage for Wallet passes on a mobile device

Bulk creation jobs

The bulk creation jobs in Passcreator allow you to upload a CSV file to create passes. Every line in the file uploaded will result in one new pass.

To add a new bulk creation job go to your Wallet template in the dashboard and click on Create new bulk creation job.

Create a new bulk processing job in Passcreator

Create CSV file for bulk creation

You'll now see a page where you need to upload the CSV file as well as specify a couple of other options.

You can download an example CSV file that shows you what columns you need. Ideally you should use this file as a template.
The first line contains the column headlines. Leave them as is which makes it easier to create your bulk creation job.

All other lines contain data for passes that should be created. Make sure to include a unique ID like your users email address or a customer number. The CSV file you see below would result in three Wallet passes.

CSV file for bulk creation job that creates Wallet passes

Create bulk creation job

After you've created the CSV file, specify a name for the bulk creation job that makes it easier for you to recognize the job later. Also select Create passes as type.

You can also use the bulk processing jobs to update existing passes.

Specify properties for bulk processing job in Passcreator

Now Passcreator will ask you to map the columns from your CSV file to the fields needed to create the Wallet passes. On the left you'll see the name of the field of you template. Choose the corresponding column from the checkbox on the right. You can choose one column multiple times e.g. if the customer number should be shown in the barcode and below it you don't need to insert two columns for that if the data is the same.

After you've saved that the bulk processing job will be activated. Based on how much data is currently being processed this will take a couple of minutes. We'll send you an email when everything's done.

Map columns of CSV file to fields of Wallet passes
Bulk processing job created successfully

After the job has been completed you'll see the passes under created passes. You can also download info on the created passes by clicking on bulk processing in the menu. For completed jobs you can download a CSV file that contains the ID you've specified earlier and the link to the created Wallet pass. The internal ID that Passcreator uses is also included and can be used to update passes.

To send the passes to your customers, send the links that are included to them e.g. via Newsletter or SMS.

Bulk processing job finished successfully
CSV file containing links to created Wallet passes
Choose files or drag and drop files
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