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Available Integrations

The following types of integrations are currently supported:

  • API (Developer documentation) - use our API to build custom integrations with your solution. This is fully supported and production proof for years.
  • Link to create passes - you can create a link that takes parameters to create personalised passes. This e.g. allows you to add a link to an email that includes the first and last name of a customer and will create a pass using that data if someone clicks on it. Please be aware that this can be misused so you shouldn't enable such links for public campaigns.
  • FTP - you can create an FTP integration that looks for files on an FTP server that you specify and creates a bulk processing job everytime a new file is found on that FTP server.
  • iFrame to include pass downloads - this lets you include a Script on your own website that renders an iFrame which shows the download area for a one pass while also taking care of handling different device types (e.g. iOS, Android, Desktop...)
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