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Selling Wallet passes with Sofort banking

A prerequisite for selling Wallet passes with Sofort Banking is that you have a valid Passcreator account as well as a business account on

This tutorial explains how you can add Sofort Banking as payment provider on your landing page that you've created with Passcreator.

Set up a new Gateway project at

To sell Wallet passes via Sofort Banking you need to set up a Gateway project at
Log in with your account at and click on "New project" in the menu on the left.

On the next page click on "Create SOFORT Gateway project".

Choose project type for SOFORT project

Setup project

Enter the data for your Gateway project.

It's important that you use the URL of the landing page you've created in Passcreator as website for your project, e.g.

You can leave the section "Settings for all payment methods" as it is.
Activate Sofort Banking as payment method.

Setup gateway project on

Copy configuration key

After you've created your project you can see a configuration key in the detail view of the project. Copy this key as you need it in the next step in Passcreator.

Edit the landing page where you want to use Sofort Banking as payment method.

Click on Sofort Banking in the tab Payment and insert the configuration key that you've copied in step three.

After you enable the checkbox "Sofort Banking payment active" your customers can select on the landing page.

Please note that Sofort Banking will check your landing page before they enable the live mode of your project. This means that you need to activate the landing page so it can't be accessed without your Passcreator account and they also might need some time to do their checks.

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