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  • Getting Started

    Get started with Wallet passes and Passcreator.

  • Wallet passes Know How

    Image sizes, features etc.

  • Using Wallet passes

    Topics regarding using Wallet passes on devices

  • Selling Wallet passes

    Did you know you can use the landing pages integrated in Passcreator to sell your Wallet passes?

  • Companion App

    The Passcreator Companion app provides an easy way to validate passes using your Smartphone with iOS or Android.

  • Push Notifications

    Everything you need to know about Push Notifications of Wallet passes.

  • Certificates for Wallet passes

    A Wallet pass is signed using a certificate. Here's what you need to know about it.

  • Sending Wallet passes

    You can send the Wallet passes you've created with Passcreator using Email or SMS.

  • White Labeling

    Features that allows you to further white label the delivery of your Wallet passes.

  • Google Pay for passes

    Google Pay for passes is the solution to save Wallet passes on Android devices by Google.

  • Integrations

    The integrations section provides ways to connect your application to Passcreator. If you're missing an integration, wri

  • Account management

    Manage users and their permissions.